Welcome to the Finmerch store.

High quality jewelry and clothing for the metal style. With more color, bling, femininity and everyday wearability! Our slogan says it well – Pretty metal.

Our main products are steel jewelry and clothing. Shirts are original Finmerch designs, not available anywhere else. Standards for a Finmerch product are high, so expect to make unique finds, at an affordable price.


Payment methods available are PayPal and Stripe (Visa, American Express and Mastercard). 100% secure payment.

Worldwide shipping. Shipping cost for jewelry and shirts is 2,90-4,90€ (Finland), 3,90-7,90€ (Europe) or 5,90-10,90€ (outside Europe). Shipping cost for leather jackets and shoes is 12,90€ (Finland), 14,90€ (Europe) or 19,90€ (outside Europe).

Orders are shipped in 1-2 business days. Shipping method is first class mail. In case of bigger shipments also other parcel services may be considered. Customers will then be informed after the order. See our full Terms & Conditions.


Customer satisfaction is our main interest, don’t hesitate to contact us via [email protected] for advice. Or send a message via our social media. We will respond as soon as possible, always within 24 hours.


Finmerch products are brought to you by Couleurs Finland, located in Hämeenlinna Finland. Also known as the Land of Metal.

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Inspiration behind the Finmerch brand is Finnish metal, which is some of the world’s finest. Our facebook and twitter is managed together with DB Promotion Finland.

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